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    Any thoughts on 'HTTP Status 500 - Either SAML is not enabled or server has not been restarted after configuring SAML...?'

    Janine Dunn

      Certificate, key and xml file are all in location D:\Tableau\Tableau Server\SAML.


      The certificate and key is also placed on the worker server in the same path as above.


      Primary server the tabadmin stop and start has been done.


      Both primary and worker server have both been completely restarted.


      The error message above has now gone and pops up the Tableau Server login screen. However once in if try to sign out it pops up the above error.


      The main issue that is occuring is I would expect when I type in the tableau_server url that it takes me to our idp Panda SSO screen.


      Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on what maybe occurring here please?


      Thank you