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    Tableau refuses to execute a calculation

    Kevin Andrist

      I'm doing a two-lat/lon pair distance calculation and it's working fine ...except... it seems to fail on a limited number of inputs.


      See workbook attached, specifically the "Distance Calc Closeup" worksheet.  There is a parameter on the top right to input an origin zip code.  The datasource has a lat lon pair for each zip.


      Note on the "Distance Calc Closeup" worksheet the calculated distance for zipcode 48043 is null (blank).  Zip 48046 is also blank.   Why is that?


      If you select zip code 48044, then everything (including zips 48043 & 49046) calculates as it should (a distance is determine for each zip code input).


      Things I've tried so far:

      1) I went back tot the source excel file and ran TRIM() and CLEAN() on all the zip codes to eliminate any hidden characters, spaces..etc..

      2) I made sure all zips were in TEXT format in excel

      3) I checked all lat/lons and ensured they are in number format.

      4) All lat lons were rounded to the hundredth place (farther to the right of the decimal has caused display issues in the past)


      If you look at the map and select zip codes 48043 and 48044 you'll see why 48043 not calculating has an annoying impact. I've tracked the problem back to what I think it the root cause (distance not calculating), though haven't been able to diagnose the problem beyond that point.