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    Average Revenue per Unit

    Daniel Dunleavy



      I'm having an issue with using Tableau to calculate Average Revenue per Unit.  The data has 5 records for the same account, one for each business segment.  The problem is it sums the "Units" (the denominator in the average revenue per unit calculation) 5 times and I want to be able to see ARPU by Business Segment excluding units when there is no revenue.


      For example I have an account that does business in 3 of the 5 Business Segments.  When I create the calculated field of sum(revenue) / sum(units) and make the aggregate measure an average it still includes the units where there is no revenue.  I included a depiction of my issue.  The red highlighted rows I do not want to included in the calculation of ARPU.  If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.





      CustomerUnitsBusiness SegmentRevenue
      Customer One20A$50
      Customer One20B
      Customer One20C$100
      Customer One20D$25
      Customer One20E
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