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    Filtering date




      I'm new to Tableau and have a following question regarding the filtering conditions.


      I'd like to set both of "start" and "end" of date as follows:


      - "start" --- specific date (ex. 08/01/2014)

      - "end" --- one day before today (ex. 10/16/2014  if today is 10/17/2014)


      I'd appreciate if anyone could tell me how I can set the filtering conditions in such case.


      Thank you in advance.

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          sree rao


          To achieve this first, create parameter with data type take as list and add the elements from field of orderdate .(fro start date)

          After that create a calculated field with below code.

          if([Order Date]>=[Dtae] and [Order Date]<TODAY() ) then [Order Date] end

          use the calculated field row shall and also use in filter shall .Now use parameter show control   .

          Then  can select the date dynamically .It will displays data between two dates..

          Please have a look on attached twbx file ..



          Sreenivasa Rao.Aerasangi..

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            Tom W

            My preferred way;

            1. Create a parameter called StartDate, set the data type as date and set the value for the start of your date range.

            2. Drag your date to the filters shelf and select 'Individual Dates' option.

            3. Click the 'Condition Tab' and select 'By Formula' then enter the formula:[Order Date] >= [StartDate] and [Order Date] <= (TODAY()-1) , where [Order Date] is the name of your date field and [StartDate] is the name of the parameter.

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              Thanks a lot.

              It was very helpful and exactly what I wanted to do!

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                Thanks a lot.

                The way of using the parameter show control is not what I could imagine, but found it very useful.