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    Error Issue

    Leah Weston

      Hi all, I'm hoping someone has an easy resolution for an error I am receiving.  I am using Desktop for Mac 8.2 , Excel for Mac 2011 (file is exported in excel format from ATS), OS X 10.9.5.


      I have a workbook linked (extract, not live) to an excel file. Each week I update the data source to a new excel file that is formatted identically.  Each time I link to a file, or refresh the extract, I receive the following error message: "Invalid expression, cannot be unaggregated".  It extracts the new data just fine and updates the workbook without error, however when I go to underlying data, I receive the same error message in turn not allowing me to see the underlying data.



      I cannot share the workbook as it has sensitive data in it.  Any thoughts you have are appreciated!





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          Christopher Scott

          I have 2 quick suggestions...they may help or they may not, and seeing as how I primarily work on a PC and Access db's and rarely with Excel sheets this might fall in the latter category.  I would try 2 approaches (both I saw in the Tableau 8.2 Roadshow): 1. When importing try to import using the "legacy" mode.  Click on the arrow next to Open "Open with Legacy Connection". 2. Have you downloaded the Tableau Plug In for excel?  I have found quite a few neat tricks especially with aggregation and reshaping directly in Excel before you ever import into Tableau. 


          Again I am not sure if this will help but they were 2 things I have had some luck with in the past. Hope you find your answer

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            Leah Weston

            Thanks Christopher! May be a Mac thing but it doesn't look like I have the legacy mode.  Also I believe that the plugin is packaged with the Excel plugin for Mac (the below link seems to confirm this).


            Drivers & Activation | Tableau Software


            I double checked to make sure there were no filters or aggregates on the extract.  Everything seems to be fine on my end.  It may be time to reach out to their helpdesk.

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              Ken Patton

              Hi Leah,


              It's not much fun, but your best bet will probably be to chase through the Logs at the time the refresh / error occurs, to see which field it is choking on.


              It may something as simple as a letter in a numerical field, or some other dirt, that is throwing it off, or it may be one of your Calculations.


              The logs should help point to the specific trouble spot.


              I assume you're already upgraded to 8.2.3 on your Mac?

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                Ken Patton

                By the way, you might have better luck posting problem questions like these into the Forums that are not associated with our local Tableau User Group forum.  Although we locals would love to help you out, you'd get many more eyes on your problem, and thus, responses, posting out in the wider Community.