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    Running total with window

    Bouke van der Bijl



      I have a datasource where every row in the table is the delta of the customers. For example, if we have 10 new customers that date it's 10, if we have 10 new but lost 11 it's -1. I use a running total table calculation on this to show a graph of the number of customers over time.


      The issue I'm having is that I'd like to show the graph for a specific time range, only the last year for example. Using a filter with last 12 months relative to today doesn't work because it will only show the difference over the last year, not the total (as all the data before that will get filtered out).


      The only thing I found that's close to what I want is setting the axis range so it only show the last year, the issue with that is that it's not dynamic, so I'd have to change it every day to be accurate!




      Is there a solution to this or have I reached the limits of what's possible with Tableau?