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    Tableau and Windows Display Scaling on High DPI 4k Monitor

    Chris Cushman


      I have recently upgraded my system to 4K resolution (3840x2160).

      At this resolution, it is necessary to utilize display scaling with Windows 8.1 to properly size the OS (in my case 175%).

      What I recently noticed is that Tableau does not properly scale workbooks/dashboards width/height to accommodate for this resolution/scaling effect on text contained within. This leads to development issues because what is displayed in Tableau Desktop is not what is rendered. once published to Tableau Server. via browsers which properly account for scaling.

      In order to effectively develop in Tableau desktop, I have to change my resolution to 1080p and the adjust scaling back to 100%.

      This has become quite a burden for day to day development and I figured I would post out there to see if anyone has any quick fixes, tricks, or if Tableau has any comments on a future remedy for this issue?


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