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    Dual axis problems--one x axis is days, the other x axis is months. How to show them on a dual axis?

    Michael Sherman

      Hi users, I have a series of problems I'm trying to work out for a dashboard. Ultimately, I need to show data by days, but also need to show table calculations that summarize the day data by larger time windows.


      Look at the attached "daily axis.png". What I have are bars on a daily axis also split by months. This is because relevant patterns can be seen both on a daily and monthly time scale, so the split is useful. The end user loves bars, so this isn't going to change.

      With these daily bars, we would like to show some kind of summarization line -- running totals, monthly total, etc. (changeable by parameter). In "daily axis.png" the black lines are running monthly totals. This is not really what we want though--we want just a line with one point in each month showing the monthly total. Something like in the attached "monthly axis.png".

      The closest I've been able to get was taking a window max of the monthly running total (which gave me a line across each month), and then doing an if (index() = 15) to just show one point in the middle of the month. But then I can't get these points to join together in a line.

      Any advice is appreciated. Ultimately the goal here is to use a parameter to change the table calculation from monthly total, to a monthly running average, to a yearly running average, etc., all as a point of reference when examining the bars.

      Thanks, -Mike