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    Overlay last week's data on a continuous time axis line chart

    Fouad Zreik



      I am trying to do something that is probably very simple however I haven't been able to find out how yet.


      I have historical sample data which varies in frequency of samples per hour.


      I calculate a measure called success rate and then I view the calculated measure over a continuous time axis(I sometimes view the time axis by  Day, Hour or Week depending on the analysis)


      I would like to also overlay last week's data on the same line chart on the same axis to compare it with this weeks data. i.e.  Last week data shown on a different line but on today's date.  e.g. on September 8 I would see two lines, one with September 8 data and one with September 1 data



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          Brian Cronin

          Okay I think I know what you're going for here.


          What you want to do is on your columns shelf change that Date to be Weekday(TimeStamp).  (You can access this by clicking the pill and going to the first "More" menu and selecting weekday.)


          This will make the date scale be Each day of the week.  That's step 1


          Next you'll want to drag Timestamp onto the detail shelf (And possibly color too to give it a bit more distnctness).


          This time you want to either one of the Week Number options for the Date of Timestamp.  Then each line displayed will be a week found in your datasource.  Below is an example image.


          Hope this helps!

          Week overlay.png