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    Google BigQuery Connection Issue

    Prashant Sharma


      I am using Google BigQuery as a datasource & on the top of that I have created a scheduler for exporting the reports on different filters. There are about 100 of reports I am generating through my scheduler.

      How my scheduler is working ?

      I am passing different filters & for every filter it is exporting a report. It actually passing a new URL after every export automatically.



      I am getting following error -

      Tableau Error.png

      I am getting this errors randomly. There is no fixed patters of exporting reports for which I am getting this error. Sometime it comes with 30th file & sometime it comes with 50th file with different filters. So sometimes I missed few of the reports out of 100 & when I refresh those error url manually then it works.


      This error is may be due to some timeout in connection after few minutes or after few reports export. Is there anybody who have faced this issue earlier? Is there any way by which we can increase the connection timeout of report refresh.

      Toby Erkson - Is this issue related to Tableau Server?



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