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    Company changed data source, need to edit data import

    Nick Arcabascio

      Hi everyone,


      My company switched reporting tools. Our new tool provides all the same data but under different column names and in a different order. This has made the process of updating our sales dashboard inconvenient as we now have to spend quite a bit of time formatting the excel data to match the way the data used to be, which is the way Tableau is looking for the data during the import.


      Is there a way to simply edit the import Tableau is doing to change the names and order? For example, a column in the old data may have read "Booking Amount", but in the new tool is "Total Booking". Tableau is looking for the column with the former and if I change the name in the upload file it won't work. I want to tell Tableau to now look for "Total Booking". Hopefully there is a way to do this with completely rebuilding our dashboard.

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          Justin Emerick



          I had to go through a similar exercise very recently. I'm curious if my path will help-


          Here is what I did:

          1. I opened the Tableau workbook that has a connection to 1 (or more) data sources.

          2. I connected to the new data set as a data source in the same Tableau workbook - this data source had different column naming

          3. I (one-by-one) edited the alias of all the column names in the new data source to match the current source. (Tableau is case sensitive, so pay attention to uppercase and lowercase characters)

          4. In the header of the Tableau application, I clicked "Data" >> "Replace Data Source..."

          5. I switch the current with the New

          Everything works as expect.


          Like you, if anyone has a potentially faster way to make this switch, I'd love to hear other solutions.


          Maybe there is an "idea" out there that could extend the "Replace Data Source" functionality that would allow a user to map the physical columns of one data source to the physical columns of another data source (even if the column names/case are not the same).





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