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    Data Blending on Zip Code - Field Missing

    Joyce Hodel

      I have two data extracts that I am using, which both include a zip code.  One is from a Vertica database that shows visits by date and zip code.  The other is an Excel spreadsheet that maps zip codes to city, state, and county.  I would like to blend these so that I can show visits by city or state instead of zip code (without adding those fields to the original data source). 


      When I try to blend the two extracts by going to Data -> Edit Relationships -> Add, the zip code field does not appear in the secondary data source even though it is listed as a dimension (see attached workbook).  Any idea why I can't see the zip code field?  Is there another way to blend these sources?  Or, is there a different solution for aggregating the zip codes to the city or state level?

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          Justin Emerick

          Hi Joyce,


          Thanks for including an example.


          So - The primary data source has ZIP codes. Some of those have characters in them (ie: X1A 0)


          As such, the primary source is a geo type = zip but a a data type as a STRING. (you can view this by right clicking the ZIP_CODE column, select Change data type - String is selected).


          In your secondary source, the zip_codes are all numeric. You need to change the data type (right click the column) and select STRING.


          This will fix your issue.





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