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    mapping flow amount

    John Malouf



      I am trying to create a map showing the flow of money transfer between users.  I tried to use some of the videos for training but none was helpful resolving my situation.


      My data reside on BigQuery and each data field is in a separate table as follows:

      1. User Sender country in Table 1 (User_Sender)

      2. User Receiver country in Table 2 (User_Receiver)

      3. Amount transferred in Table 3 (Amount_Transfer)


      I would need help creating such a map that shows the flow of amount from sender country to receiver country.


      It may be simple for some but it is not working for me.


      Please help





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          Hi John,


          Could you dump out the tables in CSV for me?

          Is there a unique & foreign key I need to be aware of?

          How many rows (roughly) are we talking about?

          Is the data static or dynamic?

          Do you care about geodesic or great arc circles on your map?


          Best Regards,