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    Using sticky notes

    Zareen Govender



      I'm working on a series of dashboards that I have to keep coming back to as things change and as a result I have about 20 worksheets and 4 dashboards in one file that are unfinished. What would be really helpful would be to have something like Sticky Notes that I could place in each worksheet or on a dashboard where I could keep notes of what work I needed to do on it (sort of like the sticky notes that you can use in windows).


      Is there anything like this? Any place you can make working notes without putting actual text on the dashboard itself?


      Thank you!


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          Joe Oppelt

          I can see the need for this too.


          For now, I create a calc field that just has the value of 1 in it.  Then I just put all my notes-to-myself in it as comments.


          If you haven't done comments, you just put two slashes, then type all your stuff.


          // this is my comments calc.

          // don't forget to add the filter sheet once we get the specs from the user.

          // And they don't like the color of the title.  They want it bigger, italicized, and tone down the red color.




          For the record, I have the 1 in there because Tableau wants some sort of output value from a calc.

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            Justin Emerick



            For the worksheets, use "Caption" in the header, click Worksheet--> Show Caption.


            You'll be able to create a caption like a "sticky note." for that worksheet.



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              Zareen Govender

              Thanks for those suggestions. Its too bad you can't use the "Caption" on the dashboard sheets though (or perhaps I just don't see the option). I would love to have the notes appear in the grey space on the dashboard.


              I've added "Sticky Notes" to the ideas page :-)




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                Justin Emerick



                In addition to using Caption on the worksheet, you can also use "Annotation" at the worksheet level or floating text on the dashboard.


                Here is how:

                - your viz, right-click in an empty area.

                - select Annotate

                - Select area (or "point" if you want to write a note about a specific marker on the viz).

                - Type in your text and you'll have a "sticky note" type box that you can move or place anywhere on the viz.


                Using Floating text

                - In the dashboard, drag in a "Text" object

                - Type the note

                - Right-click the note and select "floating"


                Both of these options will allow you to place notes on your viz and pin-point the location of those notes.



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                  Ryan Willemsen

                  This would be extremely helpful to me as well. +1


                  I'm new to Tableau but have been an Excel power user for many years at this point, and the lack of this functionality surprises me!


                  Tableau - Keep in mind that as you portray yourselves as an intuitive data viz and analysis tool it is extremely off-putting to not have some basic functionality like this - seems like an extremely intuitive thing, and would be massively helpful to your user community!