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    Date time conversion issue

    Deepak Deopura


      I have data in excel file which contain datetime field with Time zone . Thhis contain "T" and "Z" character because of that I am not able to convert it to datetime field.  Following is sample data.



      Any point on this issue will be very helpful.



      Deepak Deopura

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          Joe Oppelt

          I am going to assume you have to have the T or Z in there for some other purpose (else you would have simply removed it already.)


          I would either:


          add another column to the excel file and replicate the date/time without the T or Z,




          Do a calc field in Tableau that does string manipulation to replace "Z" with " " or replace "T" with " ".  (Or some other appropriate treatment of the Ts and Zs.)  Be sure to convert the manipulated string into data format.