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    Action filter to show multiple fields?

    asiyah fox

      I'm trying to show number of animal adoptions over the year by adoption ranking of animal categories last month. I want the user to be able to determine which rankings to see (i.e. 1st and 3rd; top 5), though right now I'm using a slider filter. I thought I could just filter the dashboard by the rankings table I built, but I only get it to filter out the entire year and only show adoption per animal for last month or filter to show only one animal at a time through the year.



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          Curtis Harris

          Hi Asiyah,


          Hopefully my response is helpful at all! If you want to have multiple selections using an action filter, you can direct your users to CTRL + Click multiple items which will allow them to see more than one animal. Another way you could accomplish this is by creating a calculated field that combines INDEX() and Animal, and then use that as a quick filter. I've modified your workbook and attached with that solution included.


          Is this the kind of functionality you were looking for?

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