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    Data blending: Support non-additive aggregates (COUNTD, MEDIAN, RAWSQLAGG_xxx)

    Mahesh Chinthalapalli



      Below is what I am trying to achieve:


          1. Source 1:  PRQuarter, Purchase Requisition($ Amt), Count of distinct Purchase Requisitions

          2. Source 2:  POQuarter, Purchase Orders($ Amt), Count of distinct Purchase orders


           The linking dimensions between the 2 data sources is PRQuarter and POQuarter.


         The need is to plot a chart showing Quarter and four metrics ( 2 metrics from source 1 & Source 2). When I try to pull the fourth metric Count of Distinct Purchase Orders, then the metric turns in to red color. The error says  "Cannot Blend the secondary data source because of one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation" . Attached with Screenshots of the error and relationship.


      If I have 2 data sources coming from Excel and try to create the same chart or table, then countd function works fine with secondary data source and does not throw any error.


      Surprised to see why it is not working with oracle database as source. Any suggestions or work around will be appreciated.