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    Custom Message For System Downtime

    Annie Kwok

      Looking for a way to provide a message on published views.  Ideally, we would use it in circumstances where the data may be in accurate because it is still processing or there is scheduled down time.  We would like our users to be aware so they are not taken by surprise.


      Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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          Hey Annie Kwok,


          While I don't know of any automated way to create a custom message for downtime, I have a few ideas that may help:


          1. Have a script that pings the view and sends out an alert to users if the page is down. (I'm not exactly sure how to accomplish this but I know other users have created similar systems)

          2. Add a comment to the view telling users when to expect downtime or inaccurate data.

          3. Republish the view with a text box informing users that the view may be inaccurate.


          My guess is that the suggestions above don't quiet take the place of the feature you'd like to see. As such, I'd go ahead and submit a post to our Ideas section (Ideas) and have other users vote up the idea. It's a cool idea so hopefully it gains some traction.





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            Sourabh Dasgupta

            Hi Diego, good idea to post on the idea forum.

            I think all these details are somewhere stored in the PostGre sql database, we might have to to have permissions to access these tables and get the information. I am not sure but the REST API might help.