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    MS Access datasource - how to refresh automatically

    Rajdeep Panchal



      Here is my case, and need help.


      Database - MS Access 2010


      I created a dashboard using Access data, extracted data (TDE) created TWBX and published it - TWBX is published.


      I want to find out how to achive this


      Every day morning, I want to update TWBX from server - that means without republishing the workbook.


      I do not know how to embedded MS Access credentials. Because the MS access file is on a shared network.


      Can someone guide me how to take care of this use case?


      Technically this is what i want to achieve --


      Once i publish TWBX on server, I see there is an option called - "Scheduled Tasks", once you click it, it gives 2nd screen, which has another option called "Add Full Refresh" - if you click that, you will see multiple options including - "Run Now" - I want to findout how to enable this


      Means, if I have created TWBX using MS Access, where I have extracted data and published it on server - how will Tableau update data if i click on "Run Now"


      How do i add file path so Tableau knows what to look for?


      Thaks for reading and please help....