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    Server - Can you use a user filter on a calculated field?

    Michael Starbuck

      I have tried a few different things and keep coming up with an error or something that doesn't give me exactly what I need so I'm hoping someone can help me out.  I have a data source that has a "value" and a "max value" and I need to find the score with SUM(value)/SUM(max value).  The problem I have is that these are quality scores and our associates are not supposed to see numbers, they get a traffic light rating (red, yellow, green) but the managers can and want to see the numbers so they can roll the scores up to the overall associate level as well as at their team level.  I am utilizing groups I have created in Tableau Server to identify if the user is a manager or not and I want to show the score to managers and make the field null for associates. 


      That all seems easy enough and as you can see in the attached workbook, I have tried a number of calculations and the formulas that will aggregate the score at the different levels I need give me the error "Invalid field formula due to limitations in the data source".  I found this article - http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/error-invalid-field-formula that told me that I cannot have nested equations but I wanted to see if there was a way around this so I can aggregate this field and also use a user filter. 


      I made up some phony data in the attached workbook so there is only one associate per manager but you get the point.  I am working in 8.0 right now but will be upgrading to 8.1 soon.  I appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide. 


      Thank you!

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          Michael Starbuck

          Anyone have any ideas on this one?  I'm still stuck. 

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            Eric Howard

            Hello Michael,


            I suspect my first few suggestions probably won't be helpful, but I have to ask:


            1) Can you try upgrading to the latest version (8.2.3) to see if you get different results?  Many changes have been made since 8.0 and perhaps you may get what you want.  I can also test it on my end using your sample workbook, but I have not fully wrapped my brain around what you really need (more on that later).


            2) Are you sure you want to have the managers and associates using the same workbook for this?  Perhaps separate workbooks for associates and managers would be more appropriate, and then use security in Tableau Server to limit access to each workbook/view accordingly.


            If these are not directions you can or want to explore, I'd like to understand more of what you are trying to accomplish.  User filters are meant to limit some subset of data in a particular field, such as the east region only for users x, y , and z.  It sounds like you need to limit what fields a user sees (max value, value).  Is that correct?  If not, I may not be fully understanding your need.  I am just starting to looking at the workbook provided now and maybe I'll work it out, but what field are you setting up the user filter on in the provided workbook?

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              Eric Howard

              Ok, I think you are setting the user filter up on "Manager?" and have them see only "No" values. And then the other calc fields use that.  I think I see what you are trying to do... I'll play with it more and get back to you.

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                Michael Starbuck

                Thanks, Eric.  To answer your first post, we will be upgrading soon but I don't know the time frame yet.  We have a very large enterprise and Tableau is still pretty new to us, we just got our server installed a couple of months ago.  I was thinking of creating a manager dashboard with the percentages and not letting the associates see that dashboard.  That might be the direction I have to take but I'll wait to see what you can come up with. 


                I appreciate your help, thank you!