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    How do you use Tableau?

    Aaron Anzalone

      Since this group seems pretty dead I figured I'd try to kick start it by getting a discussion or two going.


      My use case for Tableau is probably a little bit different than most people in Houston who I assume work in the Oil/Gas sector. I work at a purchasing co-op for government agencies and schools. Every month the vendors of our co-op are required to send me a report containing what they sold to our co-op members. After performing my usual ETL processes, I load the data into Tableau and basically create dashboards that contain the same info they sent me. Sounds simple and conceptually it is, but I have to take into account all of the various business models our vendors have and create compelling visualizations that are relevant to how they do business.


      Tableau has really helped me a lot with this. I'm taking my first crack at using Story Points. I'm not sure how I can tell 100 different stories yet, but it's a fun challenge.


      Below is an image of one of my more recent dashboard creations.


      So, how do you use Tableau?