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    Consulting in Tableau

    Charles Owen

      Have a need for some consulting in Tableau on a specific file / project. Maybe 10 hours initially then some ongoing sporadic work. Any thoughts on the best place to go to get this kind of help? Is anyone on this list up to the challenge? The data set is the 8 million records released by the CMS (Medicare / Medicaid payer) with every payment to every physician for health services to Medicare patients in 2012. My company sells EHRs to post-acute care providers and we are trying to mine this data both for customer prospects and simply to understand the nature of our customers and their practice.

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          Aaron Franklin

          Good morning, Charles! I'd be happy to help. I run a new health data analytics company with a partner, and we have over 10 years of experience handling large and sensitive data sets. Please let me know the best way to get in touch with you, or feel free to email me at info@mimirhealth.com.

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            Charles Owen

            The project breaks into three phases.


            We are time boxed on the first one - we want a list of groups of 10 or more

            providers that serve the LT-PAC (Long Term / Post-Acute Care) market,

            irrespective of their location and their mix of PAC/ Acute / Ambulatory

            practice. This is to be handed off to our Sales team as their Priority

            Customer Prospect list. They want it by Friday. (Yeah, I know - developers

            are not the only ones working to unrealistic deadlines.)


            Phase II plan is to examine / analyze the provision of PAC services to

            understand more about who/where/how/how much care is delivered. This is

            meant to inform our marketing efforts and provide a more nuanced and broad

            / deep understanding of both our users and the nature of PAC delivery.


            Phase III is contemplated to be the creation of a portal accessible through

            our website <http://Afoundria.com> that will pull practice administrators,

            PAC facility administrators, and other interested parties to our website

            and establish us as thought leaders / authoritative source for PAC data and

            information. Think of a Tableau interactive dashboard that will pull

            browsers in.


            My impression is that you all are more / bigger / different than a data

            analysis / visualization company, but that is for you to tell me. Is this a

            project that fits with your firm's capabilities.


            Regardless of the answer to this specific question, I am intrigued by the

            thought that you may have some skills / abilities that we could leverage

            assuming our company is successful in establishing a health data foundation

            that we can use to optimize care in the PAC space. Our short version of the

            "hurt" that we are trying to address is that PAC constitutes 20% of the

            health spend and is the basis of 70% of the variation in Medicare spending.

            The area is RIPE for optimization. It is truly stuck in the volume over

            value delivery paradigm.


            I am local to Austin as well. Feel free to call me or suggest a time we can

            talk further.




            Charles B. Owen, M.D.


            Chief Medical Information Officer - Afoundria


            (512) 949-9052 (c)





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