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    Tool to find data sources used in published workbooks

    Benjamin Fox

      I remember reading a while back that one of the big contributors to these Tableau forums had a way to either query the PostgreSQL, or a small hack to see what data sources were being used in which workbooks on Tableau server.  I've done a fair share of googling and browsing/searching these forums, and I cannot find it.


      Anybody out there know what I'm talking about? or was I maybe dreaming that this would be a great idea. If you could even point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.


      Thank you!

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          Matt Coles

          There is the Data Connections page in the Admin side of Server that lets you do searches for specific servers and database classes (including Tableau Server published data sources). You can even bulk update workbooks and datasources to use a new server or credentials with that feature. Note that its case sensitive and works on partial matches. I'd start there.


          If you need to know what workbooks / datasources connect to specific tables / views or make use of certain columns, that feature won't help you. However, Interworks has their Workbook Tools for Tableau that will help you analyze this, which I've used a few times to answer those kinds of questions.


          Finally, a brute-force approach is to export (tabcmd get / or dump directly from postgres) all the .twb / .tds files from Server and write your own search against them with grep or whatever else you feel like using. For a simple search of datasource names, this works, but gets messy when you get to the column level of detail.

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            Toby Erkson

            Hmm, I thought I did give a workbook that did this but I can't [quickly] find the thread so...

            Open the workbook and Edit Connection:

            Enter in your Tableau Server in Step 1 and your password in Step 3:

            Click Connect then OK.

            The first sheet, "Embedded Credentials Info", is the one that will get you where you want, just may need some re-arranging.



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              Toby Erkson

              I checked the data source of my workbook and see I used some tables and not views (views are prefixed with an underscore) so regular Server admins may not have access to those tables (data_connections & views):

              If this is the situation for you then you need to get DAAP.  Do the Read-Only Access step and you'll be fine (and so will your Tableau Server).

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                Benjamin Fox

                Thanks for that. I was on my way to querying the postGreSQL database in Tableau. I had almost written the queries I wanted when I got your reply. So thanks for doing the work for me . But I was curious if I could do it without the superuser. But for convenience/time I'll just do the DAAP.


                However whenever I try read-only access I don't have any improvements I just have to go-for-the-throat and make the tableau user a super user. I'm not too worried about it. I only really interface with the PostGreSQL via tableau so I won't be writing to the tables anyway (although I'm always tempted to ).

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                  Toby Erkson

                  If you are unable to connect to those two tables then you will need the advanced access (DAAP) to the Postgres db.  If that's what you're doing then I'm surprised the read-only version isn't working for you, however I'm not a Postgres dba so I don't know what else could be going on...and it's not supported by Tableau Software anyway    But is should work...?


                  I believe in version 8.2.3 (yes, the next upcoming version, some time in October) many of the tables will be exposed so this should become a moot issue for Server admins.


                  BTW, I originally was a super-user-admin-major-diety admin on our Tableau Server Postgres db and never had any issues but I wasn't trying to write/edit/change anything in the db.  Later the read-only version came out and I switched to that.




                  Hmmm...maybe the read-only version doesn't work and my super-user-etc. permissions were persistent, thus my continued access.  Please let us know if your new access works or not.