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    Attaching live to EXCEL in a published workbook.

    Joe Oppelt

      I'm trying to attach directly to an EXCEL data source in a published workbook.


      I have already seen this article:


      Automatically Updating Data in a Tableau Server Workbook That Uses a Live Connection to Excel | Tableau Software


      I have changed the regular pathname for the excel file to the UNC pathname.  It works OK in Dashboard, but generates the following when published:


      pic 4.png

      When I do PUBLISH, I uncheck the box for "Include External Files" as the article instructs.  When I do, I get this message:


      pic 3.png


      As far as I know, the tableau server DOES have access to the file.  At least IS says it does.


      Has anyone else out there messed with attaching life to Excel from a published workbook?  Are there gotchas that I missed?