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    Changes to column order in Data Export in Server 8.2?

    Deb Brisson

      I couple of my users have reported that when they export data from the Tableau report into a text file (.csv), the order of the columns is different than it was in the past.


      From the report screen, they select Export->Data and then when the view comes up, they choose "Download all rows as a text file." I


      I also noticed that it exports in a different order when you do it from the Summary and Underlying tabs, even though the data is essentially the same.


      I haven't made changes to the reports, but we did upgrade Tableau Server to 8.2. Is there a known issue that would cause the order of these columns to change? I can't find a way to get the columns to go back to exporting in the expected order and it's breaking their spreadsheets.


      Is there a way to manually customize the way data is exported?