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    tableau column misalignment within row

    Dave Holmes-Kinsella


      Monday's problem is this. I have a three column report as shown here; and what is curious is that you can see that the first column ("Base Period") does not row-align with the other two columns. (Green line added for emphasis)


      This causes a variety of problems in web view; and I'm trying to track it down. Any thoughts?


      Tableau 8.2/Mac and Tableau Server, natch.




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          Joshua Milligan



          I'm guessing that it is one these:

          • The formatting for the field Base Period includes a top vertical alignment (at least in the pane).  Try clearing formatting for the worksheet (from the menu: Worksheet --> Clear --> Formatting)  If that works, then you can undo and check specific formatting.
          • You have some extra marks that are causing some stacking.  Check the number of marks in the lower left of the status bar and compare to the number of cells in view.  Try turning off mark stacking (from the menu: Analysis --> Stack Marks --> Off).  If that works, then you'll need to find out what is adding extra marks in the view (most likely a field used as a dimension in the level of detail)
          • You have multiple fields on the Text shelf.


          It could be something else.  If none of those seem to be true, then would you be able to show a screenshot that includes the field arrangement on Rows/Columns/Filters/Marks?  This will help everyone see the issue and its cause more clearly.  Even better is a packaged workbook (dummy data is fine).




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            Dave Holmes-Kinsella

            It was the Multiple Fields issue. I ended up creating a calculated field that would drop the appropriate "column field" into  each column.

            Thanks for your suggestion.