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    Recomendations on what dbase to pick to connect Tbl to data set w 200 Million rows; MySql, Sql, Hadoop, other

    Bruce Segal

      Hi Folks:


      I'm working with a company that is starting to realize to use Tableau with big data sets it's getting, (200 Million rows in .txt files) it should consider putting the data into a dbase, and then connect Tableau to that.


      I'm looking for recommendations for a particular dbase, as well as some of the key questions they should ask in order to make a well informed decision.


      Business Goal:

      Our business goal is to have a dbase for loading large .txt files we get and then connecting Tableau to the dbase. In addition, we plan to use the dbase to do some of the data prep work, (e.g. re-aggregation, custom calcs, etc.) that are likely to be done faster in the data source than in Tableau.



      I'm under the impression that mysql will be much slower on a 200 million row data set than sql server. (especially b/c sql server has a function called "column indexing")


      And in my personal experience I found that a 4million row data set in mysql was very slow in both a live connection to Tableau (using custom sql) and when updating a tableau extract.

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