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    Great News for Survey Users at #data14

    Susan Baier

      Hi all,

      I know some of you attended the Tableau Conference last week in Seattle -- what a great week! As always, I take copious notes and learn amazing things.


      My two favorites from this year:


      1) Data Prep Coming to v9!


      If you work with survey data in Tableau, you've realized that data reshaping is a must. Many of us work with the Excel reshaping plug-in, although now that Tableau works on the Mac it's unfortunate that the Excel reshaping tool only works in Windows. Or, maybe you're using Alteryx or another tool to do your data reshaping.


      But soon you'll be able to do all that work right in Tableau! The company announced that v9 will include data prep tools that include reshaping as well as in-software column splitting (great if you have question category and title in the same string). No word on the release date, but it's coming!


      2) Communicating Data with Tableau by Ben Jones (Ben Jones)


      Tableau Public's own Ben Jones has written a great book about using Tableau, that came out just before the conference. I think it's one of the most helpful books on using Tableau that I've read. It's got lots of great tips and tricks that I hadn't seen before, all laid out step by step so you can incorporate them right away. One of my favorites is on page 119, where Ben shows how to create a dot plot for Likert scale items that also allows you to show the error margins for each item, right on the chart. BAM!


      If you attended, please share anything you found particularly helpful!