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    Blog Post on TC14 Reflections

    Matt Lutton

      Shameless self-promotion: I've started a blog, and have posted on some post-TC14 reflections:  http://mluttonbi.wordpress.com/


      I'm posting this here to get your feedback.  I want to know where I've screwed up (especially if/when I get into technical aspects of the Product), and what you like or don't like when I post something.  Feel free to give me your honest thoughts, whether it be here, in the comments, or via email.  I have no goal for posting a certain # of posts, but simply wanted a place where I could share thoughts with users outside this Forum--and hopefully, a place where I can post about some interesting finds and problems solved in Tableau.


      Cheers--and thank you to everyone on this Forum who has provided me encouragement and support! Hopefully, I won't bite off more than I can chew and will continue posting regularly.