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    Chicago TUG Meeting on September 23

    Marc-Paul Lee

      Please register for the September meeting @http://www.tableausoftware.com/learn/usergroups/chicago-user-group/09-23-2014


      We have a pretty full agenda, including a local contest for viz creation and news from Data 14, the Tableau Conference in Seattle.


      Looking forward to seeing everyone there!




      VizFest presentations - 45 mins. To 1 hour (based on how many entries we have) - Each team will get 3-5 minutes to showcase their work. If this is a team then everyone in the team has to present.

      Break - 10 mins.

      Tableau "Tips & Tricks" by Leapfrog Online: 30 mins.

      VizFest Winner announcement and Picture time - Judging will be done during the presentations

      Share experiences from TCC 2014 (provided we have time.