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    combining tables, values counting more than once

    Sean Trageser

      I am trying to combine data from two different excel tables into one tableau analysis. My first table has a column for multiple labor reporting codes for each department from our payroll software and includes several different types of overtime codes (4 to be exact). The table I am trying to combine this with has a column for our budgeted overtime hours for each specific departments, and is represented by ONE code. The problem that I am having is that when I am combining these two tables, it is counting the budget value up to 4 times for each day for each of the actual overtime codes from our payroll software. So if for example 7/1/14 utilized all for actual OT codes, tableau is counting the budget value code 4 times (one for each of the actual OT codes). Is there a work around to avoid this and only have it count once? I already created a set for the 4 actual OT codes but that doesn't seem to eliminate the issue. Thanks.