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    Hiring - Data Analytics Manager (and Tableau expert) - Vistage, San Diego

    James Deveson

      Vistage, a San Diego based CEO membership organization, are currently hiring for a Data Analytics Manager and resident Tableau expert: Analytics Manager at Vistage in San Diego, CA - Job | LinkedIn


      We are in the business of changing our business, with better data - we are using Tableau Server to support the 100+ staff that support the 450 CEOs and board Chairman that lead and support 18,000 CEOs and senior executives. We work with operational and financial data in a subscription model business with a heavy focus on retention, satisfaction, online and product engagement, event participation, demographics, CRM, surveying, markets and GIS. Tableau expertise is required. Strong SQL skills matter, and an ETL, stats or SQL analyst background will help - but most importantly you must have a passion for transformative BI and analytics. Data geeks are welcome, you'll fit right in.


      Interested? Not sure whether to apply? Find us at TCC14, or get in touch - James Deveson Eric McCormick





      With more than 18,000 members, Vistage International is the world’s foremost chief executive leadership-development organization, providing unparalleled access to issue-resolution and better performance through monthly peer-advisory groups, one-on-one business coaching, expert-speaker presentations, and extensive online connectivity via articles, best practices, podcasts and webinars.


      Today, Vistage International and its affiliates operate in 15 countries. Members meet in small, professionally-facilitated and process-driven groups every month to help one another make better decisions, achieve better results, and become better leaders. Vistage-member companies generate more than $300 billion in annual revenues and employ approximately over two million employees around the world.