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    R in tableau - mutliple vizualisation options


      I'm going through some examples of how to use R in Tableau (Tableau 8.1 and R | Tableau Software) (I'm using Tableau 8.2)

      I have the connection with R working OK and I get R to generate the clusters (and deselected analysis/aggregate measures), but I have issues when analysing the data.

      When I visualize the clusters generated in R by color, I can see 3 distinct clusters that look very sensible.


      1. But when I add the actual species as a "shape" mark to compare the clusters to the actual species: the R clusters (color) completely change and don't make any sense (the shapes -actual species- are correct though).R-tab-kmeans-clulsters+species.png

      Can anyone advise on why I am seeing this and what I should do get what is intended?


      2. Also it seems that everytime a change is made in the graph, Tableau gets R to recalculate the clusters ("Computing View Layout")

      Is there a way to just calculate the clusters once?