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    Can't convert Null to 0

    Clinton Fowler

      Null to 0 Question.jpgI've looked at the various posts and documentation, I've even been able to complete the Superstore data example, but I've been unable to get it to work in my own data set.  Here's the challenge...


      My GOAL: Create a list of people that Registered on our site in 2012-13 but have not created a Deck in 2014.



      -  People that have registered in 2012-13.

      -  People that have created a deck in 2014.


      Column Shelf:

      -  Year decks created (2014)

      createdAt (search slideDecks)


      Rows Shelf:

      -  User ID

      userId(search slideDecks)



      -  ZN Lookup

      ZN(LOOKUP(COUNTD([objectId (search slideDecks)]),0))