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    Tableau Conference -- Seattle

    Nicole Kraft

      Will you be attending the Tableau Conference next week in Seattle?


      If so, would a meetup be something you are interested in?

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          Greg Lyons

          Hi Nicole,


          Thank you for posting this. Good excuse for me to get the word out. We'll be putting on two Higher Ed focused meetups at TC14:


          Official Meetup Schedule (will be listed in the conference app):

          Higher Ed: Wednesday 12:15-1:15 in the Cedar Room at the Sheraton


          Unofficial Meetup (we’ll be grabbing some tables in the lunch area (EXPO HALL) and inviting all Higher Ed attendees to gather for networking)

          Higher Ed: Wednesday 1:15-2pm in the EXPO/Meals Hall (Look for PINK signs saying “Higher Ed Meetup”)


          Hope everyone can join us!



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