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    NCAA and NFL stadium sizes

    Grayson Deal

      Hi all I'm fairly new to Tableau and wanted to share a viz I made and see if anyone had some feedback on it. I was challenged at work on the fact that NFL stadiums are larger than NCAA. So I created this Viz to show that in fact the largest stadiums are NCAA stadiums. Here is the link to my Viz on Tableau Public. Would love to hear some feedback on it.



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          Tracy Rodgers

          This is great Grayson! Definitely way better than my first viz


          Here are a couple small pieces of feedback:


          1. It's difficult to tell that you're able to filter by either NCAA, NFL or Both - I didn't realize I had to click on the icons at first. So maybe make this more obvious - even by saying "Click on an icon below to filter"

          2. Be consistent in order - in the title the NFL icon comes first, but the words - Pro Stadium come second.

          3. Colors - can you make the colors have more meaning for what they're representing? Perhaps a light blue represents the NCAA instead of green.

          4. Your legends are taking up a lot your real estate - I might try to have both views take up the entire dash and make them floating objects.


          Hope some of this is helpful!



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            Grayson Deal

            Thanks for the feedback when I have some free time I hope to put your suggestions to work.


            Thanks again!