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    Server error: Syntax error, unexpected tMINUS

    Doug Kuhlman

      Following the example in the online help section of the Tableau forum, I tried to set up my Tableau server to allow trusted IP addresses to just send a username without additional credentials.


      I'm running Tableau 8.2 on a Windows Server 2013 (Windows 8) VM.


      From command line on the server, I did a few things. From the C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\8.2\bin\ directory, I ran commands.


      After stopping the server with: tabadmin stop

      I gave the command: tabadmin set wgserver.trusted-hosts ""

      (Note: Not real IP address)

      Then I tried the next listed command: tabadmin config


      This gives me:

      *** (eval):1: syntax error, unexpected tMINUS



           def trusted-hosts(&block)



      Trying to restart the server or clear the wgserver.trusted-hosts field hasn't worked. It seems that this set command changed some configuration file/value somewhere and broke everything.


      I have looked through the files and found nothing that has changed. But it's not fully comprehensive.


      Anybody else seen this? Any ideas on resolution? Has anybody gotten Trusted Authentication working with this approach using Tableau Server 8.2?



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          Russell Christopher

          You plugged in a "bad" setting. You should have used (underscore) trusted_hosts not (dash) trusted-hosts.


          Support may need to help you fix this, but if you're brave (and have backups), you could open the workgroup.yml file generally found in C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\config\workgroup.yml, find the "bad" setting and remove it from the file. Delete the whole line, not just the text (you don't want to leave a blank space, in other words)


          We generally don't want you in this file yourself, as one false move can blow up the server...but since that problem already exists, no real harm done, right?

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            Doug Kuhlman



            It wasn't quite where you said. I actually had to modify C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\config\tabsvc.yml which is where the bad value had been stuck.


            It was pasted onto the end of a long single line of configuration parameters. Apparently, that's what Tableau Server does when it doesn't know where a value belongs. Anyway, it was colon-delimited, so I was able to parse out where the "bad" value started and ended and then fix the server.


            Thanks a ton for your helpful direction! I hadn't looked in ProgramData yet, and that was really the key to finding my answer.