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    Combine Data sources

    Osama Khalid

      Hi everyone.I have a problem to resolve urgently regarding combining data from Multiple Data sources,



      So i have 4 TDE's  from SQL database that i publish to Tableau server and incrementally refresh via windows Scheduler.3 of by TDE's are unique.Named NORTH SOUTH GAS(Regions) and have their own areas(sub region).But the Fourth has data mixed from areas belonging to all unique regions.I however have worksheets that belong to one area only an i need to consolidate relevant data from the 4rth extract into the other 3.



      My understanding is that data blending wont be much use as it links only the common columns in 2 datasources. What we are looking for is to add a file (4rth TDE)with the similar column headers to our extracts(regions), basically append the rows as each row has a unique event record.I have looked at the following:







      I think we might be able to use the add files from 4rth extract(expansion) using addfiletoextract(other 3) via command in a batch file but i need to know if  it will be an an incremental add (from a last row timestamp onwards and how to configure this. We can then filter the areas told to us to exist in South/Gas/North for respective views of each region.



      Would be great to get some prompt feedback with workaround other then above welcome too.ASAP

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Osama,


          If the data source is the same database, I can think of 2 potential ideas if the data sources are really one sql db.

          1) create a custom sql connection in Tableau using a Union Join between the two tables with the same exact field names.  This could be treated as a single connection and incrementally updated.


          2) on the server side, create a view that contains the combination of both tables and connect to this and incrementally refresh. 


          If the data sources are entirely separate though, and the goal is to create essentially a union join between two disparate data sources, then I can only think of solutions outside of Tableau (ETL) to do this sort of thing.


          -- Patrick