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    Tableau Online Performance

    Darin Friedrichs

      Anyone else occasionally run into really slow loading for dashboards on Tableau Online?


      I've emailed support and they send me some generic stuff about Tableau Server performance.


      I've just tried several different dashboards, each of which is connected to a different data source.


      My average load time was 34 seconds, with 1 dashboard taking over 2 minutes to compute.


      These are dashboards that I use quite often and most of the time they load in under 10 seconds. 90% of the time they load quickly and work fine. But then occasionally I have just awful performance. Today was especially bad as was across all workbooks.


      Is this something Tableau monitors? Having an end user waiting a 60 seconds for a workbook to load when it normally take 5 seconds isn't good.

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          Zaid Albasam



          The link to the full article is here:


          Improving Database Query Performance | Tableau Software


          Often a problem with slow-running visualizations is that you have inadvertently created a query that returns a large number of records from the underlying table(s), when a smaller number of aggregated records would suffice. The time it takes the database management system (DBMS) to calculate the results, then stream the records back to Tableau can be significant. You can check this by looking in the lower-left corner of the Tableau Desktop workspace and looking at the number of marks. If this number is very large, you are potentially pulling a large amount of data from the database.

          Ensure you are not including any unnecessary dimensions in your visualization - this will affect the aggregations in the database and increase the size of the result set.


          Test with another tool

          A good way to determine if a slow workbook is being caused by a slow query is to test the same query in another tool, such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel. To find the query being run, look in My Documents\My Tableau Repository\Logs and find a file titled log.txt. Open this file and scroll up from the bottom until you find a section like the following:

          2011-08-04 13:46:16.161 (2198): DATA INTERPRETER: Executing primary query.
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.171 (2204): <QUERY protocol='05d09100 '>
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.171 (2204): SELECT [Superstore APAC].[Customer Segment] AS [none:Customer Segment:nk],
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.171 (2204): [Superstore APAC].[Product Category] AS [none:Product Category:nk],
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.171 (2204): [Superstore APAC].[Product Sub-Category] AS [none:Product Sub-Category:nk],
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.171 (2204): SUM([Superstore APAC].[Sales]) AS [sum:Sales:qk]
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.171 (2204): FROM [dbo].[Superstore APAC] [Superstore APAC]
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.171 (2204): GROUP BY [Superstore APAC].[Customer Segment],
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.171 (2204): [Superstore APAC].[Product Category],
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.171 (2204): [Superstore APAC].[Product Sub-Category]
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.171 (2204): </QUERY >
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.238 (2204): [Time] Running the command took 0.0659 sec.
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.238 (2204): [Time] Running the query took 0.0662 sec.
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.240 (2204): [Time] Getting the records took 0.0007 sec.
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.240 (2204): Building the tuples took 0.0001 sec.
          2011-08-04 13:46:16.240 (2198): [Count] Query returned 68 records (Q10).

          The section between the begin and end query tags is the query that was passed to the database. You can copy this text and then use it from a tool like Access or Excel. If it takes a similar time to return as in Tableau, then it's likely the problem is with the query, not the tools.