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    How to find correct grand total across the column in tableau ?

    Biswadip Chakraborty

      Hi Team,


      I want to find exact grand total across the column.Please refer to attached sheet for reference.Here i have taken difference between two quarters across two years, then sum it up.But it is taking only aggregate value of two years not the difference.Please help me to get the solution. sum_difference.gif

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Biswadip,


          Welcome to the community forums.  I have supplied one method of arriving at a view that I believe is similar to the one desired.  Utilizing Table Calculation functions we can summarize totals within the view under most circumstances.  In this case, I have utilized Window_Sum() functions to arrive at totals for all Sales and totals for all Difference of Sales.  Note that I have utilized the function

          If last()==0 to limit the result to one instance rather than returning the total for every [Order Date] within the view. I then created a new view to show just the totals so that I could place these alongside the original view within a Dashboard.


          Personally I found the original view a bit difficult to read as I would move Years to the last field on the Rows shelf and Customer Segment to the Columns shelf (as in Sheet 4) but that's a matter of preference. I left this view in place on Sheet 4 though as it is the one I used to build out the Totals.


          Others may have ideas as well but verifying these are the sorts of results desired would be helpful.





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