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    Rolling dates based on Parameter filter  : need to restrict chart

    lijin dev

      Hi All


      I have attached one Tableau package file which is  made  out of  Superstore data .


      Requirements are as below ::


      • User  should be able to select three views ( Month , Week and Day )      - Which i was able to do



      • User should be able to input the number of   elements ( Days | Months | Week )  he or she wanna see  - Which i was able to do


      • User  should be able to select a End point for the chart . ie when user selects a particular date , chart should show n numbers of data points back from that particular date .. ( Which I'm not able to achieve)


      Unfortunately I'm not able to bring this into the chart . When I select a date  other than 31 Dec 2013,in the end date filter ( which is a parameter) , the graph's end date is not changing and actually   periods are getting cumulative .   To be in detail : i need to restrict my chart based on the end date filter  ( for example, if i select Dec 25 , 2013 , graphs should  show last 'n'  days/months/weeks based on the inputs