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    calculated field on load

    Vladimir Kostochka

      Hi guys,

      Is it possible to load calculated field formula to update its arguments each time when reload an SQL query?

      We have different fields for different clients.

      It should be something like


      CASE [Choose a Dimension]

      WHEN "Age" then [Age]

      WHEN "Brand opinion" then [Brand opinion]

      WHEN "Gender" then [Gender]

      WHEN "Income" then [Income]

      WHEN "Purchase horizon" then [Purchase horizon]

      WHEN "Recency of purchase" then [Recency of purchase]

      WHEN "Shopping process stage" then [Shopping process stage]

      WHEN "Task completion" then [Task completion]

      WHEN "Visit frequency" then [Visit frequency]



      And update Parameter

      [Choose a Dimension]=[Question]