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    blended data filter

    Maciek La


      I know that this topic was raised multiple times but none of the solutions works for me or I am not able to comprehend that..

      I have 2 sources of data which could not be joined due to performance issue and calculations that are done later on the secondary data.

      Both sources have user id in common which I used for the data blend. There are several user attributes in datasource 1 that I would like to use as filters on both of the datasources.

      So relationship looks like this:



      I have a dashboard made from 3 sheets based purely on datasource 1 and 1 sheet based on datasource 2 as below:



      sheet 1,2,3 are from source1 and sheet4 is from source2. As you can see I am trying to apply filter from one of the source 1 sheets to all sheets but unfortunately one that is made on source 2 is not visible on the list. Same situation occurs when I try to assign filter made on source 2 (then I see only 1 sheet on the list). Is there any obvious reason for such behavior? I can provide tbwx if needed.


      This stuff is driving me crazy so I would really appreciate any help




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          Patricia Santillan

          I was really hoping you had gotten an answer to this as this is the exact same problem that I have.  Doesn't seem helpful to enter a new question if you didn't get an answer either.  Did you figure it out on your own?

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            Matt Lutton

            Please do provide a TWBX; its very difficult to help otherwise.  Cheers.


            I assume you've looked at this: Filtering Across Multiple Data Sources | Tableau Software


            I'm not clear on whether you're trying to use a Quick Filter or an Action Filter across the sheets.

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              Patricia Santillan

              I work for a bus company.  I trimmed the data as to not send it all but you get the gist of what I'm saying from the attached package.


              The Dashboard marked Route Comparison lets the user choose day of week (weekday, Saturday or Sunday) which is in both data sources and named DOW.

              Then they choose a division - which is only in one source.  This filters a view that shows route numbers in that division - also in both data source and the field blended on.

              Selecting a route filters the two graphs as well as the make shift button that also says the route number (see tool tip).  This button has an action that goes to the map.  I want the map to filter on the route as well but can't seem to get it to work.  Is it even possible?


              Originally I used quick filters and then attempting to replicate someones' example I changed it to a filter on select.  Either would be great.

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                Matt Lutton

                No workbook attached; sorry

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                  Patricia Santillan

                  The file is too large so I’m trying to find a way to make it smaller.  I’ve already filtered the extract to only 2 routes but still too large.

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                    Patricia Santillan

                    Let me try again.  Here is a gummed down version but it essentially what I want.  2 dashboard, one has an Access data source the other an Excel data source.  I want the selection in dashboard 1 - chooseing a route - to filter the second dashboard.  I did follow that link about but not exactly what I wanted.

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                      Matt Lutton

                      I chose to use a parameter here, since you didn't have the Routes in all of the actual views to use as an action filter--you could set up a sheet and use the Routes as an action filter across the data sources, using the technique shown in the posted link.  I did not see any actions set up in your workbook, so its difficult to say what you did wrong; but it can definitely be done.


                      The other piece I noticed that may have tripped you up was Route was a String in one data source and an Integer in the other -- the data types must match.


                      In this example, I'm using a parameter to filter to a single value or ALL -- there is no multi-select option for Parameters in Tableau at this time.  If this won't work, you'll have to try the action filter approach in the previous link.  The approach using parameters is discussed in some detail here:



                      Best of luck!  8.2 workbook example attached, using parameters to filter both dashboards.

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                        Patricia Santillan

                        Sorry it took so long to test - putting out fires.  I was able to use this ok but I really didn't want to use a parameter.  I followed the links you gave me and it did help.  The only problem I have now, is that I get the filter to work fine, but when I select a route number from the list (set to use as filter) it goes to that dashboard right away.  I would like the change to happen without going to another dashboard initially.  I know I saw some simiar issue when researching so I'll follow up with that one.


                        Thanks so much for helping out.