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    Seeking Tableau developers for project-based work

    Dev Tandon

      Our firm, The Kini Group, is looking for Tableau developers to develop solutions for our KiniMetrix software platform on a project basis.  More information on our firm is available at http://www.thekinigroup.com.


      Ideal candidates will have the following characteristics:

      • At least 3 years' development experience in Tableau development
      • 15-20 hours minimum capacity available per week, for the next (roughly) 3 months -- with ongoing follow-up work thereafter
      • Based in the US (location agnostic within US)


      If you are interested in challenging and exciting project-based Tableau work, please contact us at dtandon@thekinigroup.com with a resume - we would love to hear from you!



      Dev Tandon

      The Kini Group