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    8.2 field renaming case sensitivity

    Andrew Drinkwater

      Hi all,


      I'm using 8.2. on Windows 7 (both 64-bit). So far, I've been pretty pleased with the update to 8.2.


      However, I stumbled onto an oddity today and am wondering if anyone else has seen it?


      Up until yesterday, all my column names were using Tableau's new quasi Initcap naming convention (see Field Type Detection and Naming Improvements | Tableau Software for details on exactly what they've come up with).


      Today when I ran an extra refresh, it decided to upper case all but about a half dozen of my field names. All of the fields are upper case in the data source itself, so it seems to have mostly reverted to that. But in the absence of any changes to the underlying tables or any conscious choice on my part to revert the field names, I'm a little confused why they changed. The few that remained in Initcap were not renamed by me. Minor sample image attached.2014-08-20_120914.png


      Fortunately, so far, it appears that this change has not impacted calculated fields etc, but it does impact readability.


      If it's relevant, the data connection is DB2, with 4 tables joined (full tables, not custom SQL).


      While I know many have found this new naming convention to be problematic (there's a great tip on how to stop the renaming entirely here: In 8.2 - how do I stop Tableau from renaming all my fields?), I've actually found many of my audiences find the field names a bit easier to read. I'd prefer the ability as the data source author to pick which convention to use, admittedly.




      Thanks so much!