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    Server data source - across sites

    Jeff Strauss

      Has anybody run across a need to share data across multiple sites?  How did you deal with it?  We have a separate site for external users

      but would like to share common data attributes across our deployment.

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          Kristian DiGaetano

          So just to clarify:


          You have two different sites, 1 and 2.

          You would like to use the same data source (data source 1) with site 1 as well as site 2.

          You don't want to have to have two copies of data source 1 (one on site 1 and one on site 2).


          We wanted to do the same thing here, but we were told it is not possible.  The way Tableau is configured is to keep all of the information in each site separate from each other therefore ensuring that the site viewers do not have access to info that they should not have access to. 


          The easiest way is to just copy the data source to both sites.  A more efficient way would be to write a script in a batch file that would copy and move the data source from one site to the other when you upload or change it.  This can be done by looking at the most recent version in a folder for site 1 data sources and if it has a newer time stamp than the one in the data source folder for site 2 then it will replace the older copy.  A little more challenging, but if you can write a batch script then it should be straight forward...


          Hope it helps.

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            Jeff Strauss

            Thanks Kristian!  I am planning to author a script to do what you describe.  Do you have knowledge already on the file structure that Tableau keeps?  For right now, I was going to do a tabcmd get from site 1, and then a tabcmd publish to site 2 and then run this on a windows task schedule.  But if it can be smarter than this without over-complicating, I'm open to taking a crack at authoring it.

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              Kristian DiGaetano

              Here is a script that we used moving workbooks/data sources around.  We are using inputs and parameters, but you should be able to use this as a base.  The only catch it that it does not include looking for the latest version...You can find that out there somewhere, but I can't remember where.

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                Jeff Strauss

                Kristian, I was able to write a script to do exactly what I needed.  Your ideas helped.  Thank you.

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                  Kristian DiGaetano

                  Glad I could help.


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                    Jeff Strauss

                    just so you know, I have run into some issues with the replication of data sources;  When I started doing the "tabcmd get" from my internal site and then a "tabcmd publish" to my Marketer site.  Now when I download a workbook from the internal server site (using the web download button), the connection to the server based data source gets confused and seems to be looking for it on my secondary (Marketer) site.  It's weird so I opened a support case.  When it opens up desktop, it does not ask which site I want to connect to.  A workaround though is if I start from desktop, connect to the server, it will prompt me for the site and then I can retrieve the workbook properly.  I also tried appending an "_M" onto the end of the replicated data source name when publishing and this did not help.  Any further advice is surely worth something at the conference...

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                      Kishan Bhadauria

                      Hi Kristian,


                      would like to understand how can we move workbooks and data source from one server to another.... in our case we publish the empty extract on server and then run refresh from server and make a schedule for extract refresh. Our workbooks are built while pointing to this server published data source.


                      the problem is now we need to do all this on a new site. when i try to download the workbook and republish it to new site. some things go wrong...like filters will be blank, calculated fields will be gone(in some cases). and the color coding is reset


                      what would you suggest best possible approach for my  scenario.


                      just to clarify we do not have tableau server admin access but i have installed tabcmd on my desktop and can connect the tableau server.

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                        Rafael Schaffer

                        Hey Jeff, I know this is 5 years old, but I came to a situation where this would be very helpful.

                        Did you come up with a solution to copy datasource from one site to another?