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    Quick Filter Questions

    Assaf Malovany

      Hey All,

      Two quick filter questions:

      1) How do i remove unwanted parameters from the quick filter ?

      2) How can i edit the alias of the parameters in the Quick filter ?


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          Shawn Wallwork

          Assaf, this question probably went unanswered because you're mixing up terminology.

          1. Quick filters and parameters are two completely different things.
          2. Quick filters are created when you put a field (or calculated field) directly on the filter shelf.
          3. Parameters are created by you pretty much by hand.


          So here seem to be your questions (reworded) and answered:

          1. How do I remove unwanted 'members' from a quick filter? One way to do this is to duplicate the field, then put both the field and the copy on the filter shelf. Set the copy to Exclude all the fields you don't want to show, and set the original field to Use All, but set the quick filter to 'Only Relevant Values'. Then use the original and hide the exclude filter.
          2. How do I edit the alias of the members of a Quick Filter? Assuming it is a dimension, if you drag the field to a shef in the viz (before dragging it to the filter shelf), and right-click the pill you'll be able to edit the aliases, and that's what will show when you drag it to the filter shelf. (Interestingly you don't get the edit aliases option when you drag it directly to the filer shelf.) Also if you want these to always be the aliases, then right-click the field in the dimension window, and go to default properties\Aliases.. Change it there and it will be changed whenever you use it.



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            Assaf Malovany

            Hey Shawn,

            Thanks for the reply.

            in regards to the second question - how do edit the alias of the members of a quick filter when it is a combined filed of two groups?



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              Shawn Wallwork

              Edit the default aliases before you combine the fields.