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    ROUND function argument not working

    Mike B

      I'm trying to round a number in Tableau 8.2 to a single decimal place and it isn't working at all. It seems that when I leave the "decimal places" argument out, it rounds to a whole number, but when I include a 1, it displays the number with all decimals.


      I'm converting to a string, but even without that, it seems to be a bug. Anyone else experiencing this? Know a workaround? Here is my code:




      I'm using this in a calc field as my value label. The user can choose to see the value as a %, or multiplied out to the population. In order to make it look nicer, I'm trying to round to 1 decimal place, and add "M" to the end.


      The first case, with no Round argument display my result as "5M", the second and third cases, display it as "4.79999999999999999M"


      Any other string manipulation I could use to fix this?