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    Job opportunity: BI visualization / Tableau developer - downtown Boston

    Tim Darling


      I wanted to introduce a great role at a great company, APS, to you.  We're 35 people and feel like a startup, but have been around for 20 years.  We build e-learning for doctors and nurses (www.aps-web.com ).


      The role we're looking for is the one full-time person in the whole company dedicated to our data, analytics, and reporting/visualization.  We are about to install Tableau Server as a platform.  We have had 15,000 doctors and nurses take online assessments and we are building a lot of data about how they score vs others.  This role will lead cross-functional teams through the process of creating the reports that go to end users, administrators, and BI users as well as implement them.  And then to lead us into the next horizon of opportunities : what can we learn about users and what can we tell them about how they learn, beyond just score reporting?


      If you know anyone who might be interested, please reach out.