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    Staggered Likert Scale Visualizations with Weights?

    Amy Delgado

      Hi everyone,

      I am a fairly new (but committed!) Tableau user, who has found herself dealing with a wide variety of data types in a short amount of time. My current conundrum is related to survey data. I have been working through the excellent post by Data Revelations and Joe Mako on how to build visuals for Likert-scale questions. However, I am struggling with how to incorporate the sampling weights from the survey design (each respondent represents x other respondents) into the numerous calculations shown in their example workbook. http://www.datarevelations.com/likert-scales-the-final-word.html

      I was wondering if anyone has tried this approach using survey data with weights? Should I abandon the Gant bar approach and try a simpler divergent bar approach?

      Any advice would be much appreciated!



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